Young Scorpions Commence Training Programme

The U-20 National Team, Young Scorpions, have officially started training at the National Technical Training Centre in Yundum on Friday.

The full squad of 25 players attended the opening day under the guidance of Head Coach Matarr Mboge and backroom team. The orientation session involved an introduction of the players and staff, the aims and objectives of the team, the Scorpions Code of Conduct, capturing of player data and a tactical introduction. A photo shoot was also carried out for the purpose of marketing and publicity for the players that were invited for this first selection.

Mboge summed up the day by saying that this was a great start to proceedings and that he was impressed by the comportment of the players throughout the programme.

‘The first day is always very hectic but we tried to keep things as simple as possible whilst making them fully aware of what is in store. We think it’s important to outline objectives and make sure that everyone understands what is at stake, what it takes to represent your country and to show them the big opportunity that is in front of all of us.’

He went on to outline why the players were able to wear the national jersey and explained the reasons behind the move.

‘There are two main aspects to this, firstly when you consider the marketing of the players it’s very important for them to have these photos and that they are able to get a taste and feel of the national colours and how it feels to wear the shirt. There is also the motivational aspect as we mentioned to them that if they want to wear the shirt again, they need to work extremely hard at their club, fight for their places, so that they can be part of the final selection. But it’s also a fact of life that not all of them will come back and this may be the only chance they will have to wear the shirt, but it’s all in their hands.’



The next training session is scheduled to take place later today at the same venue, where the Young Scorpions will take to the field to put into practice what they have learned.

Mboge concluded, ‘It’s now time for them to do their talking on the pitch.’