As the most popular sport in The Gambia, Africa and indeed the world, it’s easy to start playing football.

All you need is a round ball and some space to get dribbling – most of us started playing in the sandy streets avoiding cars, people and anything that would get in our way. It’s very important to find a safe and clean environment and in most cases your local club or team may be the best place to start.

Join your local team
If you’re a young player below 10 years old, the best place for you is at school, however The Gambia is blessed with many local communities that have teams, whether in the First Division, Regional League or Nawettan. It can be scary to go somewhere new for the first time so try to bring along a friend as well. With the interest in football teams so high across The Gambia, you should never be too far away from a football club.

Many players start at grassroots football, in school, academies or youth teams, so there is always a suitable category for you.

Other formats of football

Playing in larger teams and on bigger pitches isn’t for everyone. To play competitively on a full-size pitch takes good fitness levels, athleticism and skills.

If you feel like this isn’t for you then stopping altogether isn’t an option. Whatever your age, gender, fitness level or ability, there is a type of football game that is suited to you.

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